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I read tail emission is supposed to work like gold mining, but in fact, the gold mined every year doesn decline, as technology makes more gold recoverable, even as deposits become harder to find. Also, gold just isn lost like Bitcoins are, yes there have been shipwrecks and gold is used in Canada Goose Jackets computer chips, but that gold is still there, and someday may be recovered, but so far, lost keys are just not recoverable, also, you can send canada goose uk outlet bitcoin to unusable addresses, similarly destroying it. Most use it to reward miners or stakers (security), some use it to incentivize hosting full nodes canada goose coats on sale (masternodes), some use it for community budgets. Nano doesn have blocks or rewards at all but I doubt this sub would say they aren a currency because of thatStopping rewards sounds canada goose uk shop great from a hoarding wealth perspective but I believe a functional coin is both more valuable and more important. uk canada goose Tail emissions simply continue the rewards that support the networkImo, this is the right question to be canada goose factory sale asking. We all know that Bitcoin is broken, it was never supposed to max out at 7 tx/s. Satoshi’s proof buy canada goose jacket cheap of work is simply absurd at that economy of scale.Many will be want to dismiss this, but honestly, the coin nano should be Canada Goose online comparing itself with is Bitcoin Cash. This is its real competitor.On this front, nano still has obvious advantages of 0 fees (compared to .2 cents per tx) and minimal energy use. Canada Goose sale Of course, then you can compare the security models. You will need huge data centers to handle all the txs. People never have enough power. Banks can control representative easily from behind. It does not need lots of money like in POW coins. Nano consensus is basically like EOS but without different details. there isn a fixed number. uk canada goose outlet anyone can delegate to someone. The politics of this could get quite ugly if Nano is a world currency.Double spend attacks are still a thing in Nano just that nobody is trying them because its not worth it since the reps are still controlled by the Devs and big exchanges.Nano also never had to deal with a fork situation where consensus is broken. There is a lot of Fud (by posters who have their own favorites ) and a lot of Shills (obviously by people vested in Nano) If you have been canada goose store involved in Crypto for a while you should expect this, but I like it to be known where my standings are before commenting.The major trade off that I see at this point, is the incentive to canada goose clearance run a node to support the network. Currently the only incentive I know of at this point canada goose uk black friday is to decentralize the Coin. It not easy to setup a node for the average person, and you are not rewarded monetarily canada goose clearance sale for doing so at the moment.”If” Nano becomes canada goose black friday sale an independent currency unattached to any Government or Business cheap canada goose uk Entity that can provide a Fast, Fee less and Environmentally Friendly Currency then the Incentive to run a Node is based off of that reason. Gold is special because it is rare and looks better than other metals and has a long history. Bitcoin “long history” of like 9 years is not the same. I Canada Goose Online do think it could possible retain “some” value long term just for being the first, but not a market cap of billions of dollars. More like an old collectible baseball card. Nano can’t be mined. The canadian goose jacket only way for nano to have value is if things are being traded for nano. It has to have value in itself. There’s no work to be contributed so I am Cautious of it having value.Bitcoin having work put into it makes canada goose coats an interesting economy. I’m not sure nano will have the same thing.Ya know what good sir, I believe you are in fact correct. This coin will have value because bitcoin will go up and people will need a fast and easy way to do that. Sure, the TPS is much higher, but the main advantage (IMO) of the speed is that you can be guaranteed the funds almost instantly. Compare that with waiting for 2 or Canada Goose Coats On Sale 3 blocks, that means the actual time taken to send and receive money is near instant vs somewhere around 25minutes for 3 blocks (avg of 10 mins per block, and assuming you only need to wait 5 mins for the first block).

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