At the same time you are correct that it also inspires good in



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canada goose outlet store uk Did you even read the fucking article you linked explaining how just about every culture has worn them. It also says how non African cultures canada goose coats on sale viewed cheap canada goose uk them as a symbol of power. Then the article YOU linked explains how Rastafarians culturally appropriated them from the Hebrews. How about you actually read what you link instead of propagating your tribalistic racist canada goose coats world view. Also black women being judged by Canada Goose Jackets their hair is fucked up but so is you saying other cultures wearing them are unkempt. Please list how cultural appropriation has hurt African americans. Your tribalism and us vs them is the same mentality as white nationalists who think they own this country and need to Canada Goose Online defend white culture. canada goose outlet store uk

canada goose black friday buy canada goose jacket cheap sale Once again you are just whining about the problem without offering any solutions because you don actually care about the problem you just enjoy pretending to care. What is it that Sweden and Germany do differently? Is it their strict gun control laws? I not even saying we don have Canada Goose Outlet institutional racism because there are a disproportionate amount of black americans in jail canada goose clearance but have you researched the percentage of black germans in jail? Have you looked at how their prisons are designed to actually reform prisoners and ours are designed for recidivism? I wish our prison system would become like the Scandinavian countries but I don think that would stop police shootings. canada goose black canada goose outlet friday sale Shop what your solution you keep making excuses and using ad hominems but refuse to offer any solutions which is exactly why you are a troll or an uneducated preteen who thinks he knows how the world works without any actual knowledge beyond how you feel it should be. And canada goose uk shop in case you aren a troll the Russian trolls actually imitated idiots such canadian goose jacket as canada goose uk outlet yourself to help get trump elected so if you aren looking for 4 more years of the same stop being a child and grow up. canada goose black friday sale

official canada goose outlet So what the solution genius and what have you researched about the problem because I do research it because I actually care. I actually want to find a solution instead of whining until others fix it. And police brutality happens outside of race you are just too obsessed in your own bullshit emotional reality. But keep telling the cops to stop shooting people I sure canada goose factory sale that will work. And look how great BLM was it even got Hillary elected instead of a president who is pro police violence /s. Yeah your plan of insulting people who want to discuss solutions that is certainly going to work. official canada goose outlet

goose outlet canada My point is it creates a fuck ton of evil and should be challenged to improve how does that piece your point that it can be horrible? Why shouldn it be criticized Canada Goose sale just as we criticize fascism or blind nationalism or communism? Why can it be replaced with something that is easily more effective at saving lives? The more and more young people in the west are becoming atheists but are now clinging to political parties for meaning which is buy canada goose jacket also toxic so I think we need a better replacement for the modern age and I think apologists such as yourself empower the dogmatic religious elements. goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet sale Yes there are good and bad people have you heard of psychopaths(most CEOs for example)? But you are right the majority have the capacity Canada Goose Coats On Sale for both but very different inclinations for both though how much is nature vs nurture is still up for debate. My point though is dogmatic beliefs can be dangerous and nazism was just such a belief. Just as dogmatic religion in the wrong hands can be dangerous (ISIS for one example) by the way do you know the catholic church in which I was raised was wonderful enough to celebrate Hitler birthday in all the churches in Germany. And no German was Canada Goose Parka ever excommunicated despite the church excommunicating many people at that time. Oh and best of all a bishop helped high ranking germans escape. At the same time you are correct that it also inspires good in some people many Catholics also gave their lives to save jews. And in modern times the church blocks stem canada goose uk black friday cell research and women productive rights but also contributes huge sums to charity and provides meaning for many. I just think we need to be honest in recognizing the pros and cons so we can either improve the abrahamic religions or replace them with something better. I personally like something like comte church of humanity. canada goose outlet sale

canada goose outlet store Edit: also look up the blood libel the catholic church was teaching about jews that debatable lead to the holocaust. There were even massacres of jews by eastern Europeans without german involvement. canada goose outlet store

canada goose outlet black friday You completely right on the circle jerk here I just wanted to provide some context. canada goose store I really honestly don understand how anyone could take pride in the crusades on either side or care beyond how interesting history is. You completely right on the circle jerk here I just wanted to provide some context. I really honestly don understand how anyone could take pride in the crusades on either side or care beyond how interesting history is. But if we really care about the millions of muslims dying then we should also work on reforming Sunni and Shite islam since they kill each other non stop as well as reforming canada goose US foreign policy. Also yes I completely support the statement on making a documentary on how horrible any religion is. Dogmatism is part of what made the crusades so horrible and I believe should always be fought canada goose outlet black friday.