It would need to be pretty hard



200 Monthly Gem giveaways

canada goose outlet online Many thanks for all the responses! There has certainly been a lot of inspiration here for a a great many contests! I can do all of them right canada goose coats on sale away, and believe me I like a lot, so don be too disheartened if you don see your suggestion right away! Do consider we have less gems to work with this month anyway, as one of you here will be winning 400 of them. canada goose outlet online

canada goose outlet in usa Each month will be three seperate contests, one aiming to grow the channel, one encouraging cool Gw2 discussion or activities, and one for artwork of any kind! Be it art, music, or whatever else people create. canada goose black friday sale The topic can be either Gw2 or Woodenpotatoes, I don mind! canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose outlet sale I have about 5 minutes canada goose store before I leave for the gym, uk canada goose so instead of brainstorming myself I thought I throw cheap Canada Goose this one out to you all!3 packs so we could do a monthly with: canada goose outlet sale

canada goose outlet parka 1 pack going to something creative(fan art, video, MUSIC, etc), something to feature in a community spot in one of your vids monthly. canada goose outlet parka

canada canada goose coats goose outlet nyc another pack for a monthly viewer raffle just so everyone who views your vids has a chance and to somewhat grow the channel. canada goose Canada Goose Outlet outlet nyc

canada goose outlet flexible pack. love your vids, you deserve more viewersSo I think that the best way that would be both fun and fair is something like you make a screenshot of a place, maybe POI or a screenshot from a Vista on one of the maps and give people like 2 3 days to uk canada goose outlet give the answers. It would probably help if canada goose uk shop it was done in some kind of a document? so that you can gather all correct answers and RANDOMLY pick a winner. (running it as answered first gives a big disadvantage to people that are working/sleeping etc because of timezones). It a pretty simple and fair idea for everyone to enjoy 🙂 canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet reviews You can also pick 3 random winners and give away canada goose clearance sale 3x 400gems, i think that may encourage more people Canada Goose Online to join as there is Canada Goose Parka kind of higher chance for winning ^ and i guess just simply put it at the very end of one of your videos every month :3A guild wars 2 version of Nicholas the traveler, Like that guy already does, you give us a really challenging riddle related to a location canada goose uk black friday in canadian goose jacket game somewhere and the first person to find you in that spot wins the prize? Have some phrase that the winner quotes to you canada goose uk outlet so only participants can win. Could have some fun with lore related stuff. canada goose outlet reviews

canada goose jacket outlet For less in game stuff perhaps having people send you something they have created, wouldn have to be WP related but must be GW2 related, you could even give people a theme? Get people thinking creatively and then spotlight them on your channel once a week, best entry wins the prize? Works well as an easily maintainable show and you could have all sorts of art/music/story stuff that the amazing community makes. At the end, people send you a screenshot with the items in their inventory. The one who guessed the most items right wins (if there are ties, either the quickest guy wins or you can just choose a random winner). It would need to be pretty hard, so not everyone can guess all of the items. Also, people can only submit ten items (so we can just get all of the items in the game). canada goose jacket outlet

canada goose outlet online uk You can have hints regarding the canada goose factory sale location of the NPC selling the item, the kind of item it is,. This would force people to watch your videos, and I think canada goose clearance it would be pretty funny. canada goose outlet online uk

canada goose outlet uk Anyways, thanks for what you doing :DYou might need a more reliable method of verifying the person actually went to get the item like mailing it or something, it pretty easy to canada goose outlet fake a screenshot like that using MS paint even. The idea is awesome though I think the idea of an in game event is definitely the best, And i guess if the point is guessing the item anyway it wouldn matter much if the person hadn actually gone and gotten it. Then again that could be half the fun trying to find out where it comes from. Maybe it could be a consumable and you have to show yourself with the buff active to someone?Riddles/Questions. This one should be both fun buy canada goose jacket cheap and help the channel grow. Basicaly you do a riddle or ask a question at the end of each video relating to something you said in a previous video and the first comment answering wins. The difficulty of the riddles/questions could be altered between easy or obscure depending on how much effort you want to put into it or to Canada Goose sale engage more ppl. Also you can do this in either a all in 1200 prize to put the viewers scrambling through your vids in search of the obscure clue(s) buy canada goose jacket or in along 3 videos of the month to engage the fanbase canada goose outlet uk.