But are wavering superdelegates listening to these arguments?



For Brazil’s Globo, no stranger to Machiavellian politics, backing Twitter may be a stalking horse to make its own NET digital Internet service into a bully pulpit in next year’s presidential vote. A tactic employed successfully by Italy’s reigning media mogul, Moncler Outlet Silvio Berlusconi, in his successful campaign to become prime minister. Front runner in Brazil’s election, neoconservative Sao Paulo governor Jose Serra, has already used Globo’s digital soapbox to complain that Lula’s Workers’ Party has an unfair media advantage..

cheap moncler jackets mens She cites none other than Karl Rove to argue that she would begin a general election campaign against John McCain with a stronger electoral vote base than would Obama. Obama’s campaign counters with claims that he has strength in swing states Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin where she does not. But are wavering superdelegates listening to these arguments?. cheap moncler jackets mens

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