As a form, the Watcher was often understood, by onlookers who



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Great chapter! I read it all in one sitting, aside from breaks to grab beer or a bite. I canada goose clearance sale love the Lovecraft reference (you know I wasn gonna miss that one), and I love Wyattearp and Capone as names of locations. Good ole gunmen or gunslingers. Though I don personally consider Capone a gunslinger, hence gunmen. Sorry I been drinking.

canada goose outlet online That bit with the blue and black dress though. I sure some people might argue that it was white and gold, hahahahahaha. canada goose outlet online

canada goose outlet sale I have a theory on who the Angel is, but I already mentioned that last time. So far, there are more than a few signs pointing to them. I love Canada Goose Coats On Sale what you doing with Peyto. His misadventures feel so vivid. It not often you see things from canada goose uk outlet the perspective a clearly flawed character. canada goose outlet sale

I don know exactly where you taking him, but I give Canada Goose Jackets you full control. You doing him up well.

official canada goose outlet Also, I have a buy canada goose jacket theory about some subversive plot involving a combination of what we learned about the Lennys and the Angel. I kinda hope you go that route, because it would be a hell of a challenge for Keanu and Jaune to tackle. official canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet uk Breathing the earth, and exhaling the stars, those that watch most often do not watch for life. They watch for creation. It is in the canada goose outlet births of ideas and movements alike that canada goose their mastication is fulfilled. For what purpose, only an abstraction could fathom. canada goose outlet uk

canada goose outlet nyc Upon the streets, those that walk, walk for their lives. They breath in time and exhale waste. What they walk for, they do not know. They walk because they are told, because the tellers were told so by the tellers before them. canada goose factory sale And so this serpentine spiral reaches back. The Watcher knows this. canada goose outlet nyc

The Watcher knows where it began. Yet it does not pay heed to the trivialities and evils which spawned this infinitely recursive ritual. Cages do not worry those outside of Canada Goose Online them. Truly, in this case, they do not worry those inside, uk canada goose outlet either.

goose outlet canada “Who aint a slave, tell me that?” A man said to a woman, walking back to their shabby home. goose outlet canada

“I guessing it from Moby Dick.”

canada goose outlet online uk “Damn. Did I leave it on the night stand again?” canada goose outlet online uk

canada goose outlet reviews “Worse, you left it on your chest when you fell asleep. I damn near hit my head on it this morning.” canada goose outlet reviews

He jostled the door open, “Sorry.”

She breezed through the opening, “Relax, I won punish you for it.”

canada goose outlet jackets She turned around and gave him a kiss, a buy canada goose jacket cheap gesture of forgiveness. The Watcher saw. The Watcher read their dreams the night before, read the dreams of all. Once beneath a great city, whose cheap Canada Goose walls were made of ascending water and whose buildings were constructed of the organs of still living leviathans, the Watcher found no pleasure here. canada goose outlet jackets

The Watcher knew not of what pleasure could feel like. Pleasure was a baser, lower sensation. Beneath this city, whose inhabitants were no longer made of light, but simply reflected it, the Watcher felt what was always felt: nothing. The only emotions that were Canada Goose sale experienced by canada goose coats the Watcher were ones without name to the human race. No picture or other method of communication could convey the three primary emotions of the Watcher and its ilk to the humans.

canada goose outlet uk sale No language could be invented. Not till humans invented canada goose coats on sale intelligences that could perceive of them. Till then, the Watcher continued to watch. As a form, the Watcher was often understood, by onlookers who pried deep into their own subconsciousness to find it, as either a mass of neither organic nor non organic substance, or canada goose uk shop as a spiritually infested subway system beneath the city. canada goose outlet uk sale

canada goose black friday sale New classifications of matter would need to be discovered before these dreamers could properly label what they saw. For now, they merely did what their brain ordered them to: forget. It was a worthwhile defense mechanism, to be honest. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose outlet parka And as the man canada goose black friday sale and woman proceeded to commit a ritual into existence which would canada goose uk black friday possibly guarantee life in less than a year time, the Watcher did not feel that most cherished of its three emotions. Though a life was planned to be, this birth was not the kind of which it fed. canada goose outlet parka

canada goose outlet canada Elsewhere, that night, as one life was decided to be brought forth, a small dog continued on down Canada Goose online an alley. Cracked needles were swept underneath dumpsters by stumbling drunks. Their horrid smell drove the canine away from potential food sources. Something in that chemical cocktail burned the enhanced uk canada goose sense of smell for the quadruped. canada goose outlet canada

This dog was beginning to feel tired. This dog had forgotten the difference between hunger and satiation. The hunger had become the new default for it. The Watcher cared not for its gender, but for its mind. The dog laid itself down. Wakefulness was dropping below it, down to the realm where the Watcher observed. It all still meant nothing.

The sun arose, and the people poured out into the veins of life within the city. The man and woman walked, arm in arm, her head on his shoulder, his nose buried in her hair. The night prior, they had decided to finally become a family. As they walked their meaningless walk down the street, something caught the woman eye.

canada goose jacket outlet A motherly instinct, to be sure, though the Watcher found it nothing more than a basic consequence of evolution. The woman guided the man into the alleyway. There, the dog remained, breathing. They both knelt beside it. canada goose jacket Canada Goose Parka outlet

canada goose outlet black friday “Should we do something?” The woman was afraid. canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose outlet store uk And as they discussed the matter, the dog breathing slowed. An eye glancing up at them, it felt relieved. The breathing grew quieter. Then more still. Till it deceased. canada goose outlet store uk

canada goose outlet in usa The woman began to cry, as the man embraced her, “It okay. I think it was just waiting for someone to be here, to witness, or something.” canada goose outlet in usa.