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Anybody heard of this scam

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canada goose outlet online I recently buy canada goose jacket saw an Xbox One X Scorpio Edition on sale for $200 and after a lot of back and forth bidding, I lost and the final price was $290 plus $8 shipping. However, I got a message from the seller later saying that the person who bought it was a scammer and wanted to send them to send the money first and might been a bot. uk canada goose outlet The seller is now telling me that they can sell it to me but have to do it outside canadian goose jacket of Ebay via invoice and gave me their number to call them. They said I don have to pay for shipping because they have UPS credit. Now they are telling me to call their number to verify. This is already highly suspicious, but to make things worse they have no previous sales via Ebay. Has anybody heard of a similar encounter, and does anybody know if there is a way to tell if they are actually just somebody innocent that was canada goose uk outlet wronged? If not, I not planning on going through with this. Thanks for the advice and tipsdude, there are very few rare and only one of items on ebay. if something seems fishy, why not just buy from someone else instead of doing the investigative work canada goose outlet online.