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hermes evelyne replica They have to do it. high quality hermes birkin replica It’s not just internet safety. They say it’s Replica Hermes about kindness. Private companies are making over 1 million Replica Hermes Birkin a year from parking charges at Addenbrooke’sHospitals in England made a record 174 million last year in charging for parkingRecord breaking profits According to the Press Association, hospitals in England fake hermes belt women’s made a record million last year in hermes birkin bag replica cheap charging for parking.Law firm Nockolds asked NHS Trusts across England where money raised from hospital parking ended up.Responses Replica Hermes uk from 81 hospitals revealed that 81 per cent charged for parking. Just 19 percent follow Government guidelines high quality hermes replica and provide free parking.More than a quarter of Hermes Replica Handbags NHS Trusts have some or all of their parking charge income go to private companies.Yasmin Ameer, serious injury solicitor at Nockolds Solicitors labelled the findings a “scandal”.She said: “Vulnerable patients and Hermes Replica Bags visitors should not be charged for hospital car parking at all but if the money hermes replica is reinvested directly back into patient care, at least some good is coming of it.”The NHS is in desperate need of further investment. It should not be a cash cow for the private sector.”Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow, has been best hermes replica seeking cross party approval for hospital car parking charges to be scrapped.He said: ” This research is further evidence that hospital car parking charges are a stealth tax on the most vulnerable in society Hermes Handbags Replica and need to be scrapped all together.”Read More’Grossly unfair’ Brain injury Fake Hermes Bags charity Headway has supported Mr Halfon’s call for charges to high quality Replica Hermes be abolished.Headway spokesman Luke Griggs said: “Every day, we receive requests to support families who simply cannot afford these grossly unfair and punitive parking charges.Health services in Cambridgeshire will be reviewed after bed blocking revelations”These are families who understandably don’t want to leave their loved one’s side when they are seriously ill or in a coma.”Charging people to use hospital car fake hermes belt vs real parks at a time when they are shocked, bewildered and vulnerable is Hermes Belt Replica simply wrong.”What does Addenbrooke’s say?”Income from car parking charges is indirectly reinvested in patient care as it is used to maintain our car parking facilities and provide security for patients, visitors and staff.”The hospital also offers discounted parking rates for some patients and visitors, including those receiving benefits.. hermes evelyne replica

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