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16 points submitted 2 days agoThat also because of the level of transparency that KS developers are usually expected to show giving backers, and canada goose outlet store uk those that just like to follow projects in general, more scrutiny over decisions made on a project.AAA studios can pretty much restrict themselves to providing short bites of info and screenshots to the public, but KS devs kind of have to open their doors a bit wider (or, at least, their own backers if they choose to restrict who sees their updates).As a result, many of the more successful KS projects make communicating with their new communities a huge part of keeping that goodwill, some even running small fan contests and polls covering things from art to music to combat systems throughout the process.I usually take “expected delivery dates” on KS as a best guess by the dev on a base build delivery which doesn include all of the milestones they might be obligated to follow up with later. For the most part, though, backers understand that especially if the developer keeps them in the loop.Other times, frustration builds because of canada goose outlet in usa reasons like starting another project when the original one isn done, deciding to expand the scope of the game when those that funded it only wanted what was promised in the original KS proposal, and mismanagement hell. From what I seen, AAA talent on a KS project is nice for headlines but never a guarantee of success, or a project that will run without any hiccups.And just to add to other notable canada goose outlet reviews KS projects, they also include Obsidian Pillars of Eternity (the sequel was funded using Fig, another crowdsourcing platform where backers can get a return on their depending on a few factors), inXile Torment canada goose outlet online and Wasteland 2 titles, and the two relatively recent Divinity RPGs. Also notable all of these smashed their initial funding proposals, hit multiple milestones, and overshot their estimated delivery dates by large margins.I also legitimately did not understand the difference between the ceremony and reception. Rather, I thought they were different parts of the same event if that makes sense. Like how seating and intermission are parts of a play. I didn’t know they were pretty much entirely different events. Which really confused me the first time I was invited to a wedding with two different addresses.I learned how much priority family gets during the reception. Dunno how else to word that. Been to weddings where my only interactions with the bride and groom canada goose outlet were official canada goose outlet an exchange of “Hi! Congratulations!” “Hey! Thanks! Thanks so much for coming!” And that was it. I know there are a lot of people, and they are canada goose outlet jackets stressed/busy, but I really did not understand the degree to which their time would be monopolized by “priority guests.” Then of course my other friends told canada goose jacket outlet me “Duh, it’s their wedding.”That last one is a lot harder for me to explain than I thought it would be without sounding like a selfish attention whore haha. I just had only been to weddings tagging along with family, so I either was canada goose outlet sale the family (so interacted a lot more with the couple) or didn’t care. canada goose outlet shop First time I was at a wedding for people I was actually close with, I just thought canada goose outlet uk sale it was weird that I felt I was there just to be another warm body in the building. I always played the part fine, but whenever I brought it up at specific weddings, everyone just thought I was crazy or an asshole. It was consistently agreed canada goose outlet toronto factory that many weddings are canada goose outlet parka usually very clique y quarantined situations, and you stay in your lane.EDIT TO ADD: Many other weddings I had gone to before were not entirely traditionally American, so my perception was off. Then even the ones that were, some of them were very relaxed, and essentially just a big get together, so all kinds of signals being crossed.Anyways. Those are the big ones off the top of my head. Lots of other minor stuff that I honestly don’t remember right this moment.queen_of_bandits 49 points submitted 7 days agoI tried very hard to do what I was told. But no matter what I did, I still got yelled at. Mostly because everything needed to bleached, always, everyday. canada goose outlet new york city If one speck of dust was found she threw fits. I’m not saying I was able to do this, since I was 6 this was expected of me.It got so bad that when I cleaned the kitchen I tried to stay far away from it, I wouldn’t eat because I would need to do dishes, but if I did dishes I would get yelled at anyways for the counter not getting done. The biggest thing is my mom rarely cleaned, so I had a whole house to clean on my own with my sister. Our rooms were the only thing that didn’t get done because we were busy trying to keep EVERYTHING else done so our canada goose outlet online uk mom can look at it, say her day was shit and we made it worse for having attitude, and then hole up in her room.I have never heard her say thank you genuinely, not even for gifts. I never could do enough for her. Sorry I just needed to vent 29 points submitted 11 days agoI had a friend who canada goose outlet black friday was a serial fabulist. She had an ever evolving set of things she had to, including but not limited to gluten, dairy, and soy. But she when something looked good enough.I was 99% positive that she was making it up.And YET, when she come over, I go to great lengths to make sure I https://www.canadagoosejacketsoutsale.com didn serve her any of the one billion things she said she was or to. (She was never consistent about that.) I let her know I didn have the training or facilities to accommodate actual hardcore allergies and avoid cross contamination, but I always made a point to canada goose factory outlet never actually put any of the ingredients she didn want in anything without telling her. It was a huge, giant pain in the ass, but even as a dumb home cook making dinners for my friends in my tiny little kitchen, and canada goose outlet store even knowing 99% that her medical issues were made up, no way was I going to sneak things in without telling her.If I can do that, someone with a commercial kitchen who is getting paid to do canada goose outlet uk it can damn well do it too.Brudaks canada goose outlet nyc 109 points submitted 18 days agoIt not that they don like any sort of social interaction, it that they like the sort of social interaction that between friends and family in a “proper social situation”, and not the sort of social interaction that between random passersby in a public space; and it considered impolite to chat in any environment where it crowded enough that the people chatting are close enough to “invade” the private comfort space of others, such as a crowded elevator, bus or an airplane.lady_taffingham 3 points submitted 17 days agoI argue Mick and Dee goose outlet canada aren really the same character. The characters on Always Sunny don grow or learn anything, and that part of the joke. In The Mick, she starts off being completely self centered but begins to genuinely care about the kids, in a weird emotionally immature kind of way. Another difference is that Mick is actually competent she pulls off some real schemes and gets away with it. Dee always fails spectacularly because she has delusions of grandeur.The Mick also features a lot of canada goose outlet physical comedy from women, something canada goose outlet canada you don see much. I appreciated that.

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